What is Barbershop Harmony?

Barbershop is a genre of a-capella music that spawned and grew from a Gospel heritage that features 4-part acapella harmony.  It is distinctive in that the lead voice is second from the highest, with tenor above, and baritone and bass below.  Most arrangements use classic "barbershop" 7th chords, and a distinctive ending line called a "tag" that often can and is sung alone. Many recognize barbershop as the music from the quartet formed by the school board in the movie "The Music Man" 

Join us on the Risers!

We love to greet new singers at our rehearsals in the Tallahassee Senior Center auditorium every Thursday, from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.  Just walk in and you'll be greeted with a book of music for the evening and linked up with a host for the evening.