Norman Young is the Director for the Tallahassee Capital Chordsmen. He grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and Nashville. Music was a big part of his early childhood. His mother sang professionally and he picked it up by ear. During his school years he played the piano, sang in gospel quartets and church choirs. In high school he tried out the violin and was in a rock band, playing gigs in the area.

    In college at UCF, Norman majored in biology, along with reading the classics and getting a one-year masters in philosophy and religion, because it sparked his interest. He movedto Tallahassee to be nearer his family and more job opportunities. He met his wife, Mara, through music as well. She was an accompanist at a previous job. He teaches music in the private sector along with any other subject needed.

     Norman became the director of the Capital Chordsman when he was singing in the church choir and met C.C. member Gene Kelly, who was also singing in the choir. Gene suggested Norman interview for the job of director. He has been with them now for about 3 years. He also sings with the C.C. barbershop quartet Half Step Up. He fills in singing any part needed in the other quartets that might be missing a member during a concert. He spends some of his free time recording tracks for the different parts to help any choir member learn a new song or understand the music better.

    His dream performance is to someday sing the National Anthem on stage for the President of the United States.

    We are so happy to have such a talented director for the Capital Chordsmen.

    P.S. Have you ever heard, “There is a Fountain”?

    Give it a listen. It’s Norm's favorite!!